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Director of Sales and Marketing

Rare opportunity exists to:

Greatly influence achievement of the sales potential of our group

Greatly influence the professional potential of the sales team

Greatly influence the business success through collaboration within our driven Executive Team

WE DARE TO CARE – It’s why we matter as a business

This core ideology guides what we do and how

Majestic Hotels are a South Australian owned and operated hotel group comprising of six properties including the Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, located in the heart of Adelaide’s East End; Majestic Old Lion & Tynte Street Apartments, the Majestic Minima Hotel and M Suites in North Adelaide; and the Majestic Oasis Apartments in Port Augusta.

Collaborating closely with the key senior team consisting of Hotel and Group Managers, a team of talented sales individuals and Senior Department Heads, you will work towards achieving the identified key strategic sales objectives for the group.

The primary objectives of this role include:

To succeed in this role you will require:

If you are a driven team player, looking to succeed in a culture of empowerment and accountability please view the position description below.

To apply please complete the information at the bottom of the page.

Applications must include covering letter and CV and addressed to:
Eoin Loftus
Majestic Hotels and Apartments
PO Box 370

Applications close:  31 October 2021



DEDICATION – To increasing Majestic Hotels’ share of the South Australian accommodation market.

COMMITMENT AND CONSISTENCY – Maintain a consistent approach to ensure the highest levels of service and product are delivered through excellence.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Through a disciplined approach maintain a culture of self-accountability within the team to ensure the company vision and values are achieved.

TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT – Consistent approach to support, train and develop staff.

LEADERSHIP – Through directive leadership maintain a culture of empowerment and accountability within the team to ensure the company vision and values are achieved.

DISPLAYED INITIATIVE – Ability to follow direction and tasks while recognising when attention is needed in other areas and attending to them with the appropriate level of priority.

COMMUNICATION – Effective communication skills incorporating a collaborative approach including confidence, professionalism and an empathetic approach with internal and external stakeholders.

PROFESSIONALISM – Consistent approach when collaborating with all levels of staff, customers and external sources.

TIME MANAGEMENT – Accountability to achieve all tasks in a timely and efficient manner to ensure customer service levels are maintained at the highest level.

ANTICIPATORY SERVICE – Identify and service customer’s needs before they ask.

ACHIEVE COMPANY VISION – Achieve our purpose to build true and lasting customer and staff loyalty.


STRATEGIC PLANNING – To collaboratively develop and implement the group annual marketing and sales activity plan towards achieving the strategic objectives of each property.

MARKETING – Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns, print media, oversee a social media strategy, manage and maintain the organisation’s websites, write and optimise content for the websites, blog and social networking accounts, maintain Revinate Marketing platform, SEO and PPC.

SALES GENERATION – Cultivate an enduring team culture that hunts and generates sales to achieve sales growth for each area of the business year on year. Create an effective sales plan that will increase awareness and positive positioning of all the hotels, its activities, food and beverage / functions services, and personnel.

LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT – To provide clear direction and effectively lead and manage the departments 4 to 5 resources to maximize their output and efficiency and optimise the results achieved. Leading in total alignment with our Values – opportunity / empowerment / accountability / collaboration / respect & value / professionalism & development.

ANALYSIS & ACTION – Develop rates, group sales deployment strategies through review of competitive data, demand analysis and mix management. Devote required time to analyse the sales performance, marketing ROI and key indicators for each area of the business to ensure proactive action. Using initiative and lateral thinking to identify required marketing approaches.

DEVELOP RESOURCES – To appraise each department team member annually, with ongoing regular and candid feedback, empower them to truly do their roles and set in place action plans for each to ensure they continue to develop and reach their full potential.

BRAND AWARENESS – Develop awareness and reputation of the hotel and the brand in the local, national and international community

INNOVATION – Strong focus towards developing our brand and product exposure via E-marketing channels due to its critical importance as a marketing tool.


Prepare and present monthly and quarterly reporting to General Manager and CEO.

Attend Bi-Monthly and End of Month Executive Team / Revenue Management Meetings

Present Sales and Marketing outcomes to the Board as required


Report directly to the General Manager & further the Chief Executive Officer as required

Executive Team member

Managing directly the Sales and Marketing Department resources:
Leisure Sales Manager
Groups Sales Manager
Business Development Manager 1
Business Development Manager 2
Digital Marketing Executive
Working closely with Hotel Managers and Department Heads at various sites collaboratively



Highly desirable


Demonstrate a work ethic, attitudes and values compatible with Majestic Hotels vision and values, specifically: –

“our purpose as a company”
Majestic Hotels purpose is to build true and lasting customer & staff loyalty.
We recognise that to truly loyal customers we become the hotels of choice and to truly loyal staff we become the employer of choice!

“what we stand for as a company”
Majestic Hotels values are what we believe in; they guide what we do each and every day.

Our customer values –

CONSISTENTLY DELIVER GREAT PRODUCTS – achieve consistent focus towards maintenance & upkeep of physical product
PROVIDE REGULAR ANTICIPATORY SERVICE – identify & service customers needs before they ask
DELIVER A CONSISTENT SERVICE STANDARD – all staff + all departments + all products
APPROACH OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – by all staff toward product and service

Our staff values-

PROVIDE OPPORTUNITY – to a highly diverse range of the community, with varying skill levels, respecting those choosing to earn a secure income, as well as those who in addition wish to build a career
EMPOWERMENT + ACCOUNTABILITY + COLLABORATION – an environment where not only the most senior make decisions; where we all accept responsibility for our individual performance whilst working collectively as a true team
RESPECT + VALUE – display genuine respect for each other, truly valuing each and every team members contribution no matter the role
PROFESSIONALISM – conducting ourselves in a professional manner at all times
DEVELOPMENT – provide clear direction on purpose & function, deliver adequate training, conduct regular appraisals, provide recognition when due & display continuous support



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