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$20 with Minima Room Booking

En Route curated personal performance

What is 'en route'?

‘en route’ is a personal performance where we equip you with an mp3 player and together with your smart phone you discover the spontaneous choreography of Adelaide as streetscapes become the set and passers-by the performers. This is not a self-guided tour - it is a self guided performance.

'en route' has won multiple awards internationally including 'best performance' at the Adelaide Fringe.

Where is 'en route'?

 'en route' requires you to 'kit up' with our assistance at either the Minima Hotel or the Old Lion Apartments in North Adelaide. This involves equipping you with headphones, an MP3 player and installing a QR Code reader on your own smart phone. You then will make your own way to the west side of the city to commence. You will finish in the CBD but not at the place you started. You do not have to return to North Adelaide at the end of 'en route'. The headphones and other parts of the 'kit' can be returned very close to where you finish. If you are not staying at our North Adelaide properties you will still need to 'kit up' at either of the North Adelaide properties before commencing the tour in the city.

Who can get 'en route'?

'en route’ requires enough fitness to walk at a leisurely pace for an hour, a fully charged mobile phone with a QR tag reader (we can assist at the start on how to install a free reader on your phone before you commence the performance), and enough cash for a coffee or similar. There are stairs involved in the performance.

How do I start?

After you have made a booking you will need to attend one of our North Adelaide properties. Before 2pm the Majestic Old Lion Hotel is able to equip you for 'en route' providing you the mp3 player and installing a QR tag reader on your phone if required. After 2pm please see the concierge at the Majestic Minima Hotel. You are able to do the tour at a time that is convenient for you on the same day we provide you with your en route kit however you must commence before 4pm.

There is a hotline (8334 7766) if you have any difficulties either before or during 'en route' and we have people close by in the city to assist you if required.

How do I book?

'en route' can be booked as part of your room booking at the Minima Hotel through our online booking system or you can call us on 8334 7766 to make a booking or to ask any questions about 'en route'.

How much does it cost?

'en route' is $20 in addition to your Minima Room booking or it is $45 without a room booking.

For more information regarding 'en route' please call 8334 7766.